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Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Parent and staff governors are elected, with the Executive Head teacher having a standing post, and the local authority and co-opted governors are nominated and approved by the board. Terms last for 4 years at a time. All governors have signed a Register of Interests to indicate whether they have a potential conflict of interest and there are none other than as recorded.


At the last Governing Board meeting in October 2023, there have been 2 registered interests in relation to LeAFE Training Ltd. These have been agreed by the Governing Board and Local Authority and are recorded in line with published processes.

Terms of Office - Imperium Federation



Governor NameGovernor RoleTerm of Office
Meic GriffithsExecutive Headteacher-
Carol LadbrookChair of Governors - Co opted9.11.2026
Barbara GatesVice Chair of Governors - Co opted9.11.2026
Patrick WhiteCommittee Member - All Committees - Co opted9.11.2026
Sherifa IbitolaCommittee Member - All Committees - Co opted9.11.2026
Eunice FortuneCommittee Member - All Committees - Co opted9.11.2026
Coby Kyei SimonsCommittee Member - All Committees - Co-opted9.11.2027
Ian MooneyCommittee Member - All Committees - Co-opted9.11.2027
Liza TjiheroCommittee Member - All Committees - Co-opted9.11.2027
Ruth SandersonStaff Governor1.9.2025
VacancyStaff Governor 
VacancyParent Governor 
Jill SmithOfficial Observer as Head of School KO-
Neal CollardOfficial Observer as Head of School WS-
John MartinOfficial Observer as Deputy Head-


Governing Board Annual Impact Statement



King's Oak and the Imperium Federation are committed to complying with our equality duty as members of the public sector.

We have consulted with all sectors of our community with regards to equality and have a policy that has been agreed by the staff and Governing Board. You can find that policy on our policy page.


We actively promote the equality of all including those with protected characteristics and our recruitment processes reflect this.


We remind all staff via our daily briefings and training on ways to eliminate discrimination, tackle inapproprate, racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic language and aggression - which is also covered in our SRE work. We have staff who are also trained ambassadors for the LGBTQ+ community.


If you believe that we have not carried out our duty with regards to equality and tackling in-equality, please contact us as we are always willing to learn how we can improve.



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