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Term 3


In maths this term KS3 are focusing on geometry. We have been working on:


  • Area of quadrilaterals and triangles
  • Area of compound shapes
  • Perimeter 
  • Volume of irregular 3D shapes
  • Volume of cuboids and prisms


We have been updating the school Twitter account with snapshots of our learning in Maths and Numeracy lessons this term, so take a look to see what we've been up to. 

Term 1:


In Maths this term we have been focusing primarily on number, data and statistics and have worked incredibly hard on a number of tasks, including:

  • conducting surveys
  • collecting data
  • analysing data
  • interpreting data
  • representing the same piece of data in a myriad of ways
  • keeping to a budget
  • number skills

We were even lucky enough to turn our KS3 classrooms into one stop coffee and cake shops respectively and raised the stupendous sum of £167.55 in less than an hour! Now if that isn't something to be proud of, then I'm not sure what is. We regularly update the school Twitter account with fun snapshots of our learning in Maths and Numeracy lessons, so take a look to see what we've been up to and don't forget to follow to find out exactly how fantastic we are on a daily basis.





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