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Pupil Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.


We use our Pupil Premium to enable the most disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils within the Borough to access elements of the curriculum that they may have missed due to exclusion or poverty.


We look at individual interests and tailor our provision accordingly. Our rationale for this is simple - our pupils have arrived from a wide variety of settings and may have been excluded from education for long periods - and so we try to find in-roads to allow them to trust and most importantly, try new things.


The main barriers to learning for our pupils are both their extreme behaviours and low self esteem. Our pupils will have extensive breaks within their early education, which results in heightened anxieties in all areas of learning.


Funding Allocation 2020/21£27,585
School Meals£4,000 (due to COVID)
Therapeutic Support£18,000
Music Tuition£2,085
School Journey£4,000



The main barriers to our young men's attainment/achievement are complex:

  • Trauma/Anxiety which manifests in deregulated behaviour
  • Suspension (both fixed term, internal and 'soft')
  • Mis-diagnosis or delayed diagnosis
  • Mental Health


As a school, we have looked at our behavioural and academic data to analyse where we need to support our young men further:


Breakfast : our young men find it very complex to arrive at school prepared for the day. They arrive either not eaten from the day before, or due to their mental health or physical needs, require further breakfast. We provide this in order to help settle them into the mind set of the day ahead and allows an informal 'check in well being' session with staff, who can pinpoint and signpost any potential difficulties.


School Meals : although some of our pupils will be entitled to a Free School Meal, the stigma some of our young men carry due to family circumstances (i.e. low income families) would mean that they would not get a meal throughout the day. We want our young men to feel valued and as such all are able to access a FSM without question. This seemingly small gesture allows them to lower their anxieties, concentrate well and engage with the pressures of their learning.


Therapeutic Support : our young men are highly complex. We have an onsite counsellor, psychotherapist and mentors who assist in providing additional mental health support. The total allocated does not take into account the full cost of this service - or the additional mental health support allocated including CAMHS, but gives us options to tackle quite serious mental health manifestations during the day.


Music Tuition : although we have some music support allocated as part of the music hub system, our pupils need time to explore without the pressure of examination/grading. We use our music allocation to help scaffold mental health needs as well as give our young men a chance to enjoy the creativity it brings. 


School Journey : for the vast majority of our young men, they will not have experienced visits due to their behaviours or mental health. We actively encourage our staff to take pupils out on visits - including to The Old Vic, Fortnums etc to give them a clearer understanding of the world outside of school and the opportunities that can be afforded to them.



Funding Allocation £19,965 (2019)Cost £
School Meals£3,000
Therapeutic Support£13,000
School Journey £2,000
Music Tuition£2,000


Our commitment to our pupils has resulted in an overspend of Pupil Premium - but this will be covered by the main budget allocation.


Intended Outcomes


We are focusing on the following:


  • a continued improvement in attendance. We will be working with parents closely to ensure that pupils attend school regularly so that we can improve both their behaviours and their academic attainment. This will include use of the EWO, home visits and parental workshops.
  • a continued reduction in behavioural incidents. We will continue to use strategies and therapies to reduce the number of incidents further and monitor this with our daily briefing and tracking systems. This will enable our pupils to return to mainstream provisions (where appropriate). We will continue to improve our therapeutic provisions and ensure that pupils gain the support they need.
  • a continued improvement in behaviour. Using our tracking systems and continued development of home/school partnership and parental workshops, we want to reduce the amount of behavioural incidents at home and on school journey. 
  • return to mainstream settings. We want to build upon our current success and return more pupils to mainstream settings - with settled behaviours and strategies for schools to ensure that they can succeed. We will develop stronger transitional links between mainstream and further educational settings and for those pupils identified to access mainstream secondary provision, we aim to work with their intended schools closely so that the transfer can be a success.

COVID-19 Catch up


Total Allocation£8784


Our pupils were able to access full time education throughout the pandemic due to their vulnerability. We have allocated our funding to support gap analysis, additional mentor/TA support in order to ensure that gaps are strategically managed.


We will monitor progress carefully and this will be reported by the SLT to the Governing Board.



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