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KS4 Maths


Welcome to Mathematics at King's Oak School. We believe that all students can become successful Mathematicians, given the right support, tools and confidence. We encourage our pupils to do  maths as a whole subject and not just the numeracy element. 


Did you know Maths is considered an Arts subject? If you studied it at University you are awarded a Bachelor/Masters of Arts!


The Maths as a subject has the following main strands:  

  1. Number 
  2. Algebra 
  3. Ratio, proportion and rates of change 
  4. Geometry and measure 
  5. Statistics & Probability 


This means that Maths crosses-over into lots of other subjects and there is always an element of Maths for everyone to shine in!


As a school we have found that our boys are successful when they complete bite-sized achievements as these help develop their skills and confidence, as well as preparing them for their final GCSE. In addition to Maths GCSE we also offer Statistics GCSE to students who wish to extend their learning.

Qualifications Offered 



Functional Skills

Exam Board: Edexcel (Link)

Edexcel Maths Awards

Exam Board: Edexcel (Link)

GCSE (9-1)

Exam Board: Edexcel

(Click on GCSE Subject for the curriculum specification)

Entry Level

(EL1 to EL3)

 Functional Skills

Entry Levels 1 to 3



Level 1 Qualification

Functional Skills

Level 1

Number & Measure Level 1



Level 2 Qualification

 Functional Skills

Level 2

Number & Measure Level 2


GCSE (9-1) Mathematics 


GCSE (9-1) Statistics

As a department, we have used Student's Voice to inform the resources that are used facilitate learning. We use the Pearson 9 -1 GCSE (Foundation/Higher) text books along with each student being provided with Pearson Edexcel workbooks. These workbooks range in Level from Access to GCSE to help those students who need to practice missing skills through to Targeted Levelled books, such as Target Level 3 or Level 5 books in the various maths disciplines. 

All students are provided with calculators (Casio fx-83 GT PLUS) and necessary mathematical equipment for their learning.





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