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Covid 19 Update in line with the Prime Minister's Speech on Saturday

Good morning, I do hope this finds you well.


As you are well aware, as a school, we have done everything we can to reduce the potential for infection with COVID-19 with a great deal of success. Unlike some of our colleagues, we have maintained our interval cleaning, maintained hand hygiene and with your help, have reduced the potential of other types of infection by monitoring our pupils sickness closely.


You will have seen that the Prime Minister gave a speech on Saturday evening regarding the new variant and the measures the Government need us all to take. With rates of infection increasing in and around Greenwich it is vital that we all pull together so that we can keep each other healthy.


From today, all pupils travelling on school or public transport are required to wear a face covering at all times


Your son will also need to wear his face covering in corridors or whilst in class.


We will be restricting access to essential visitors only and they will be expected to wear a face covering at all times.


In January - on the first day back, the Government are requiring all who work in education to take an LFT before arrival. We will send home testing kits during the last week of term. It is vital that you record the test result on the twice weekly form that we already send out.


We will continue with our hygiene methods and monitor any recorded infections closely and already have plans in place (as we had earlier in the year) to maintain education and work with our partners in Public Health.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Let's do all we can to keep each other safe and well!

As ever

Meic and the team



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