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Mental Health Support

Dear families,

Hopefully this finds you well.


Over the past year, we've all been asked to deal with an ever changing situation - which can threaten our well being and to be frank, our lives. It is easy to ignore how this is impacting on our mental health until it is too late.


This isn't good and we have to help each other to ensure that we are keeping ourselves safe.


There are lots of ways we can improve 'low mood' - including going outside for a walk, taking some exercise, listening to music, having a chat to friends (in a socially distanced COVID secure way) etc - but sometimes, we may need a little more help and support.


You may remember a little while ago, we sent out information about Kooth (you can tap/click here for the website) which helps young people aged 10 - 25 years old. This is an amazing service and one that we would proactively encourage you to get your children to access.


But what about those of us above the age of 25? What's out there for us?


Well  , why not try Qwell (you can tap/click here for the website).  Quell is a free, anonymous online counselling and emotional wellbeing service for adults aged over 26 years of age.


You can now receive counselling sessions from qualified counsellors via an online chat-based platform.


Chats can either be accessed through a drop-in service or pre-booked sessions from any connected device.


The site is:

  • open 24 hours a day;
  • able to offer one-to-one counselling sessions with a qualified counsellor are available from 12-noon until 10pm on weekdays;
  • available for one-to-one counselling sessions from 6pm until 10pm on weekends


You are also be able to take advantage of a range of self-help tools from reading and contributing to articles, peer to peer support via online discussion boards as well as journals and goal trackers.


This is an amazing free service, and whilst you may not be able to get out to meet people - this service will be a useful life line to help you understand that you are not alone.


If you don't want to access this service, but would like to chat to a member of our team - you can do that too. We are always ready for a chat on the phone, via a screen, share a cuppa, a giggle or a cry. You know where we are.


Keep safe, keep well and know you are not alone - we are all here for each other.


Meic and the team.



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