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Reopening of King's Oak

Morning everyone! 


It has been brilliant seeing your work and smiley faces as we've gone around visiting and supporting. You are doing an amazing job - don't ever forget it!


You may have seen on the news last night how chronic Edenred has been for a large number of schools. We have had our issues with it as you know – but due to sitting up at 2am at least 3 times per week and ordering the largest amount of ‘instant’ (which still take around 7-14 days to authorise) codes, we’ve ensured that those who need a voucher, have had a voucher.

If it didn't arrive directly from Edenred today - you should have either had an email, Dojo or text from me with your code.


You will have also seen Boris Johnson announce last night that we are ‘over the peak’ and that they will release their plan for opening schools, public transport and kick starting the economy next week. 


As I am sure you can appreciate, we, as a Federation, haven’t been sitting around waiting for an announcement or holding our breath for a plan that will match SEN schools. 


Over the past few weeks, we have been devising plans, re-writing plans, and then re-devising plans for a potential return to school.


It is important that we do the following : 


(a) remember that when we went into lockdown, the Governments guidance for SEN pupils was slow, patchy – we cannot rely on whatever plan is announced as it will be focussing on mainstream pupils not our children, and


(b) know that the Borough & Chair of Governors are well aware of our plans – they called them robust and will support everyone in their steps to return.


Our plan will differ from our mainstream colleagues but that's why we are a special school.


We are prepared for a re-opening – both from a practical viewpoint i.e. how our super heroes will get to school, how they will enter the building, how they will get breaks/playtime, lunch, policies for non-visitors on site, bereavement policies, ensuring we have the worlds largest supply of hand sanitiser, anti bac wipes, gloves etc to the more wider implications of mental health support, trauma informed school practice, assessment for anxieties, counselling etc. 


We are the only ones who had secured a ‘fogging’ of both schools (following my meetings with Heads this is now being taken up widely and I feel I have made a millionaire out of the owner) – which requires a team in haz-med suits to flood the building with an anti bac mist which certifies that the building is clean. It kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and virus and we get a certificate to prove how clean we are. This will be done before anyone returns to the buildings.

You can see what that sort of looks like by tapping/clicking here.


We will be publishing the proposed plan for returning our children to school next week.


This will include a digital help pack, FAQ's and videos of what the schools will look like on return.


We will then hold individual meetings with everyone to discuss any anxieties you may have, how we can support you all and what we will do if you or your super hero find it all too difficult to manage.  


This is about us working together. We will be really understanding and supportive (as I am sure you would expect us to be) and no one needs to panic, feel anxious or worry.


Have a great weekend and look forward to seeing you all soon!



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